Australia's borders are closed to illegal marintime migration

    Outside Australia

    ​​​​​​​Australia's strong border protection laws have not changed.

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    Australia's borders are closed to illegal maritime migration

    Anyone who attempts an unauthorised boat voyage to Australia will be turned back to their point of departure, returned to their home country or transferred to another country.

    No-one who travels illegally to Australia by boat will be allowed to remain in Australia.

    Australia's tough border protection policies are designed to protect Australia's borders, combat people smuggling and deter people from attempting dangerous boat voyages across the open ocean.

    Do not believe the lies of people smugglers

    People smugglers use false promises of settlement in Australia to convince people to hand over their money. Do not believe their lies. The truth is that no-one who pays a people smuggler for an illegal boat journey to Australia will get what they paid for.

    People smugglers do not care about your safety or your future. They are only interested in your money.

    Travel safely and lawfully

    There is only one way to gain entry into Australia — with an Australian visa.

    To find out more about your options for safe and lawful travel to Australia, visit the Immigration and Citizenship website.