Australia's borders are closed to illegal marintime migration


    The Australian Government is committed to protecting Australia's borders, combating people smuggling in our region, and preventing people from risking their lives at sea.

    Operation Sovereign Borders is a military-led border security operation that was established in 2013 to deliver on this commitment.

    There is only one way to gain entry into Australia — with an Australian visa.

    To find out more about your options for safe and lawful travel to Australia, visit the Immigration and Citizenship website.

    Return of 13 potential illegal immigrants to Sri Lanka

    I have a message for anyone considering illegal travel to Australia by boat. Don't.

    Australia’s tough border protection policies mean no one who travels illegally by boat will ever be allowed to live or work in Australia.

    Australia recently intercepted 13 people who unsuccessfully attempted to come here by boat. They wasted their money, needlessly put their lives at risk and as you can see are now back in Sri Lanka and subject to further investigation by Sri Lankan authorities.

    I am committed to protecting Australia’s borders, combatting people smuggling and preventing vulnerable people from risking their lives at sea.

    Under Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders, you have zero chance of success.